Advisory Council

Community Advisory Council

One of the things the new Board of Directors has decided to do is put together an advisory council composed of community leaders whose endorsement and guidance would be helpful for us in moving forward.  The Advisory Council’s role is to show support for the future of the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, and we would look to them to provide advice, support and guidance. If you are interested in joining this informal group, please email the Festival.

Dennis Abbe
Rhonda Bellmer
Pat Carrubba
Cindy Daniel
Judy Edmonds
Marie Gewirtz
Mark Gladden
Jeff Harding
Henry Hersch
Lisbeth Holmefjord
John Holt
Doug Jayne
Christian Kallen
Jason Liles
Randy Masselink
John Mihalik, MD
Maria Mota-Fincher
EJ Neil
Robin Pressman
Tom Ribbecke
Lynn Rogers
Sue Sacks
Larry Slater
Gayle Okumura Sullivan
Ralph Tingle
Paul Tincknell
Donnis Topel
Mark Topel
Dan Wildermuth