Board Members

2015 Organization


  • Jessica Felix, Artistic Director
    Felix has long dedicated herself to showcasing world-class jazz talent. She began producing jazz in Northern California in 1980 and has since founded the Eddie Moore Festival and co-founded the Oakland-based organization Jazz in Flight. She founded HJF in 1999.  
  • Gloria Hersch, Chair
    The retired CEO of The Sierra Group, a Cincinnati-based consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and organization development, Hersch was also past President of the Healdsburg Arts Council and Actor’s Theatre. 
  • Rollie Atkinson, Vice chair
    Atkinson is a lifelong journalist and the owner/publisher of
    The Healdsburg Tribune and two other community weekly newspapers in Sonoma County. He has served on many community non-profit boards over his 30 years as a Sonoma County resident.
  • Edward Flesch, Secretary
    Flesch is a retired market research consultant. He has been an active volunteer with the Festival since 2001, serving as a Board member, and officer, since 2004.
  • Dennis Abbe, Treasurer
    Abbe is a retired software developer who worked on early versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, and Sun Microsystem’s NeWS platform.
  • Randy Coleman is a retired school administrator who served in Sonoma County and Orange County.
  • Mark Elcombe is the Hospitality Manager at Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards, and has lived in Sonoma County with his wife and family since 1997. 
  • Loretta Rosas is a semi-retired HR consultant. She has been continuously involved in several non-profit and community organizations, serving as a board member, officer and executive director.  
  • Andrea Smalling is Chief Marketing Officer, Foley Family Wines. Prior to joining Foley, she served as Vice President of Marketing for VineOne, the premium wine company of Constellation Wines U.S, was the Director of Global Marketing, Development Brands for Treasury Estates and spent over 10 years in various marketing roles with Gallo Winery.  


  • Frank Carrubba
  • Doug Lipton
  • Circe Sher
  • Pamela Walton, CPA


  • The Law Offices of  James F. DeMartini, Esq.


  • Pamela Walton, CPA – Financial Consultant