June 6 – Marcus Shelby and the Freedom Jazz Choir

June 6 – Marcus Shelby and the Freedom Jazz Choir

marcus shelby by george wellsWhat: Marcus Shelby Orchestra and the
HJF Freedom Jazz Choir

Where: Raven Performing Arts Theater, 115 North Street
Time: 7 pm | Tickets: $20

Click to order ticketsWhen San Francisco composer and bassist Marcus Shelby recorded a much-celebrated jazz suite called Soul of the Movement: Meditations on Dr. Martin Luther King, it featured a 15-piece jazz orchestra. For a series of performances, including this one at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, Shelby’s opus serves as vehicle for a James Irvine Foundation grant that specifies the creation of a choir whose singers will come from the diverse communities of Sonoma County.

The Healdsburg Jazz Festival Freedom Jazz Choir‘s purpose is to engage the public in the arts using music as a unifying force. Over 100 people showed up for the first rehearsal of the Healdsburg Jazz Festival Freedom Jazz Choir.

faye carol by george wells (2)The choir, under the tutelage of Shelby and Adam Ivey, director of Santa Rosa’s Joyous Noise Ensemble, will sing a variety of songs backed by the Marcus Shelby Orchestra. The dynamic Ms. Faye Carol will be lead vocalist.  The shows will feature original compositions from Soul of the Movement, plus spirituals and freedom songs that Shelby has arranged for the chorus.


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  2. Dear Marcus, I will return next rehearsal if allowed. In the phone message I got it was mentioned that I would get an email about next practice so I want you to have this email. Thank you for allowing me to return. I promise to get the day right next time. Judy Hawkins. 7075088362

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