SJCC Combos and Judging

Participating Student Combos

The SJCC is a free-to-schools program created by Healdsburg Jazz to empower Sonoma County musicians in grades 9-12 to explore their creativity by forming small groups for a juried competition. The following are the schools and the teams taking part in this year’s Student Jazz Combo Competition. Times of their appearance listed below:

10:00 AM Rincon Valley Christian High School
10:30 Montgomery High band 2
10:00 break
11:30 Montgomery High band 1
12:00 PM lunch
12:30 Petaluma High
1:00 Windsor High
1:30 Sonoma Academy
2:00 Healdsburg High
2:30 break
3:00 Casa Grande High School
3:30 El Molino High
 5:00  Winner announced

Judging Criteria

What is most important in a small group performance?

Judging criteria will be based on the following general guidelines:

1: Creativity

  • Composition and arrangements
  • Improvisation
  • Interaction – Listening and communication
  • Band Cohesion
  • Memorizing the music – Encourage playing without music
  • Are they working as a group or just a group of soloists? Feel – cohesiveness – playing together or all just soloing, are they a combo or a group. Do they have a unified sound?
  • How the band relates and communicates with the audience?

2: Technical Skills

  • Rhythm Section cohesiveness and support for band
  • Intonation – Blend
  • Technique
  • Dynamics
  • Ensemble work
  • Playing a variety of styles
  • Rhythm section roles, precision, dynamics – horn section cohesiveness, skills
  • Tempo – consistent pulse throughout each tune

3. Style – Tradition

  • Interpretation
  • Respect for the tradition or knowledge of the masters
  • Showmanship – a spokesperson that can relate to the audience. Audience interaction.
  • Knowledge of the music they are playing and if they help educate the audience on why they chose the tunes, who wrote them, etc.

4. Repertoire – Choice of Material

More about the Student Jazz Combo Competition: