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Our mission to preserve and promote jazz faces considerable hurdles. It is critical that funds are raised to pay off the vendors and suppliers who have contributed to the Festival, and to build momentum toward continuing our weekly bookings, special events and annual Healdsburg Jazz Festival. To achieve our goals, we have set up this form that will take your one-time donations; if you would like to set up recurring donations on a monthly, quarter or annual basis, please contact our business office at (707) 433-4644 or email us. It’s your decision how best to show your support.

Please follow these links if you’re interested in become a Member or a Patron.

Your direct, tax-deductible donation can be made with most major credit cards. Your contribution today ensures that the jazz will stay alive in Healdsburg tomorrow.

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If you would like to set up recurring donations, as monthly or quarterly, please call our office during business hours, (707) 433-4644

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