Saturday, June 5 Workshop

Art of the Solo Guitar

Morning: Guitar WorkshopBobby Vega

Afternoon Concert | Benefit Auction

Workshop: Making Music Part of Your Life
Time: 10 am to noon
Location: Announced upon confirmed registration
Information and registration: 707 431-0125
Free to all students of primary or secondary school age with an interest in music.

Presented by Ribbecke Guitars and Jazz Masters Workshop
Instructors: Bobby Vega and Tom Ribbecke

Bassist Bobby Vega and guitar maker Tom Ribbecke aim to inspire students to learn or continue to play music by talking about their lives and experiences in the music world. Due to the cutbacks in music programs, great teachers and musicians are no longer resident in the schools to provide motivation and inspiration to young people to study music. Tom and Bobby feel it is very important to talk to aspiring music students about the many different ways they can be involved in music, and hopefully spark them to follow their dreams.

Special Drawing: Win a guitar donated by Jazz Masters Workshop!

This workshop is free. So come one, come all students and have a good time being entertained and inspired. Bring your instrument (optional). Don’t forget there’s a concert with illustrious guitar soloists to follow.

ribbecke_mixBenefit Auction now ongoing
Ribbecke Halfling Guitar

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Check the Ribbecke website for more information on the Halfling, or place your bid at  the eBay auction page.